Women’s bathroom

April 28, 2014


Can’t the women’s bathroom in the library be cleaned up? Stall doors sanded and painted at least?


Can’t say I have been in the women’s restroom much, so rather than take your word at it, I had someone else go in and check. Anyway, you’re right. The bathroom stalls have not been repainted since we moved in 10 years ago, and they’ve gotten pretty bad. We’ve passed on word to maintenance and building people, so you can trust the situation will be rectified sometime in the next 10 years.


Access and Noise, Noise and Access

April 15, 2014


  1. Can you start checking ID’s at the door like the other libraries on campus?
  2. New book carts? They’re really squeeky!


  1. From the Library director’s desk: “Ebling Library is open to the UW community as well as the general public. If you have a specific problem with someone in the library, please let a staff member at the Service Desk know and we’ll see what we can do to solve the problem. “
  2. New book carts are not in the cards (you should see the antiques the staff still use), but we can lubricate the ones we have. Thanks for the suggestion.

Comfy chairs > Non-comfy chairs

March 10, 2014


More of the comfy chairs, less of the non-comfy chairs. Other than that, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words. It’s interesting that I read your note when I did, as recent comments have been requesting more stand-up workstations, which don’t require chairs at all! If nothing else, it underlines how different people have different needs when it comes to using our library. I knew that, of course, but it’s nice to receive a reminder.

I will bring up your request at the next services and facilities meeting – though don’t get your hopes up. We have a very limited budget for this sort of thing, and between stand-up desks, noisy carts and repairing the beat-up chairs we have, a large number of comfy chairs probably isn’t feasible. But I will do what I can.

Study room reservations

February 27, 2014


Any way room reservations can be put on study rooms? Bummer when I’m studying and I have to leave for an unknown reservation.


Posting reservations on the doors of individual study rooms isn’t really doable – people can reserve rooms online at any time, so there would be no way to keep a physical listing up-to-date. There is an online listing of current room reservations (at http://library.wisc.edu/studyrooms/ebling.html), though, so it’s going to be displayed at the monitor by our service desk. Not perfect, but it’s something.

Also, the UW mobile app (http://mobile.wisc.edu/) has a study room component, so you can keep track that way if you are a person who owns a smart phone and is inclined to do such a thing. I don’t have a smart phone, but may be able to use inquiries such as yours to convince the library administration to buy me one. So thank you!

Ink Bottle

February 24, 2014


Can we put a bottle of ink in the library?


Like, a bottle of fountain pen ink? That’s pretty unusual, so I had to look into it. It turns out that there seems to be a bunch of different brands and grades of the stuff, and no one seems to know exactly what to get. What’s more, I get nightmares about that would happen if a bottle got spilled somehow. I mean, I would get nightmares, if we got a bottle. Which we won’t. Sorry – there just isn’t enough call for this sort of thing to go through the trouble of buying some.

I did check at the University Bookstore downstairs, and they can special order ink – it will take them an extra business day to get it, though. They used to stock it, but no longer do because no one bought it. That seems to be a common refrain about the stuff.

Awesome seating suggestion

December 13, 2013


12-13-2013 9-31-20 AM


Thanks for providing one of the more detailed and well though-out suggestions we’ve received in a long while. The director of the library has taken a scanned copy of your diagram and is looking into making it work.

There are a couple of barriers to overcome on this, though. The Americans with Disabilities Act and fire codes dictate a certain clearance around the table inside the library, and this is difficult to accomplish with the monster sized tables we have there now. But smaller tables could make it work.

Also, there are not as many outlets along the inside wall as we would like (only 3, actually) – this limits the utility of tables along there.

Both these issues are surmountable. Ebling will undergo a redesign in  the next couple years, which allows us to make this a better space. And since this is one of the better suggestions we’ve heard in a while, we are looking seriously at implementing it. The only other big suggestion on the table was beer taps at the service desk (that was my idea).

Library Food (sadly, not cakes shaped like books)

July 15, 2013


Please do not allow food/snacks at the library, especially the smelly and crunchy kind. At the very least, forbid them on the 3rd floor.


I suspect Ebling has one of the most permissive food and beverage policies on campus. If true, this is by design. A sizable portion of our customers are extremely busy, and come to Ebling as a break between classes, work shifts or clinical rounds. They have maybe 45 minutes to look some things up, check email and print something before dashing off to the next thing. So who are we to deny them an opportunity to bolt some food in the midst of their busy day? Not us. For we are too good.

That said, barring food from the silent floor of the library is not a bad idea – though making the rule stick would be challenging. I’ll try bringing it up at the next facilities meeting and see if we can do this.