Food Again

October 13, 2014


Set aside an eating/drinking area, and keep food and beverage away from the rest. Beverages will spill, savory aromas are distracting, and grease does linger and hurt paper.


Thanks for your suggestion. When we moved into this space 10 (!) years ago, the administration embraced a very liberal food & drink policy – something we have stuck with since then, even as everything else around Ebling has changed. We wanted to give the legions of overworked students, faculty and staff a place they were comfortable staying; this entailed letting them eat.

Even if reversing the policy is desirable now, it would very difficult to cram that particular genie back into the (smelly, sticky) bottle. So while we may change policy in the future, especially if the library as a whole gets remodeled,  don’t expect big clean-up soon. If, in the meantime, you encounter any big messes, let the service desk staff know.