Paper towels – more than you bargained for

June 24, 2014


Why are the paper towel machines in the bathrooms double-rolled? It seems like a terrible waste of paper. Can we have only one-ply and help out the environment a little?


The paper isn’t two ply. When two sheets come out, it’s because there are two rolls inside the dispenser. When one roll starts getting low, janitorial will put another one in and feed both through – because the University of Wisconsin didn’t splurge on those dispensers that can switch rolls on the fly. That way, when the low-roll runs out completely, the dispenser will still have towels to dispense, depriving people of the opportunity to complain about it.
The overall idea, I think, is that while two towels are coming out people will be using less of each. So that would be my solution.




Phone chargers

June 20, 2014


It is great to have phone chargers that can be checked out but it is even better to have phone chargers that library patrons can use while they are in the library.


As it turns out, the chargers for checkout are really intended for in-library use (hence the 1-day checkout period). We could place the chargers in a public area where they would be accessible, but then we would have to somehow secure them against being stolen – a distinct possibility considering how expensive these things are.  That last bit is something I never have found out for myself, but considering this fallen world I can only imagine it to be true.

And securing the chargers in a single place would force everyone to stay one place so their phone won’t be nicked. We have looked into getting charging cabinets (I know College library had one for a while), but they were expensive, difficult to use and not patronized much.

Thanks for the suggestion though. We’re always adding to our charger collection, so it’s good to hear that people use them.