Becoming a bindery

May 29, 2014


Ability to bind (spiral) course modules that we print here. Students buy binding supplies. Library has equipment.


I actually looked into this. Our Information Resources department doesn’t have the equipment to do this, and isn’t excited at the prospect of obtaining it. Spiral binding machines (if you get a good one) are expensive, finicky equipment, which is why we usually contract out for almost all our binding needs.

So your best bet is going to Bob’s Copy Shop, which is also the main campus go-to for our more unusual jobs.


Lights, but on on tables

May 6, 2014


Please repair the lamps on the desks outside of the library!


Hey, an easy one. I’ve actually dealt with these sorts of desk lamps before. I know them, or at least their close relatives. Sadly, though, these desks are outside the library, and so cannot be so lovingly embraced by me. So instead, I have forwarded this to the HSLC building staff.