Comfy chairs > Non-comfy chairs

March 10, 2014


More of the comfy chairs, less of the non-comfy chairs. Other than that, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words. It’s interesting that I read your note when I did, as recent comments have been requesting more stand-up workstations, which don’t require chairs at all! If nothing else, it underlines how different people have different needs when it comes to using our library. I knew that, of course, but it’s nice to receive a reminder.

I will bring up your request at the next services and facilities meeting – though don’t get your hopes up. We have a very limited budget for this sort of thing, and between stand-up desks, noisy carts and repairing the beat-up chairs we have, a large number of comfy chairs probably isn’t feasible. But I will do what I can.