Study room reservations

February 27, 2014


Any way room reservations can be put on study rooms? Bummer when I’m studying and I have to leave for an unknown reservation.


Posting reservations on the doors of individual study rooms isn’t really doable – people can reserve rooms online at any time, so there would be no way to keep a physical listing up-to-date. There is an online listing of current room reservations (at, though, so it’s going to be displayed at the monitor by our service desk. Not perfect, but it’s something.

Also, the UW mobile app ( has a study room component, so you can keep track that way if you are a person who owns a smart phone and is inclined to do such a thing. I don’t have a smart phone, but may be able to use inquiries such as yours to convince the library administration to buy me one. So thank you!


Ink Bottle

February 24, 2014


Can we put a bottle of ink in the library?


Like, a bottle of fountain pen ink? That’s pretty unusual, so I had to look into it. It turns out that there seems to be a bunch of different brands and grades of the stuff, and no one seems to know exactly what to get. What’s more, I get nightmares about that would happen if a bottle got spilled somehow. I mean, I would get nightmares, if we got a bottle. Which we won’t. Sorry – there just isn’t enough call for this sort of thing to go through the trouble of buying some.

I did check at the University Bookstore downstairs, and they can special order ink – it will take them an extra business day to get it, though. They used to stock it, but no longer do because no one bought it. That seems to be a common refrain about the stuff.