Awesome seating suggestion

December 13, 2013


12-13-2013 9-31-20 AM


Thanks for providing one of the more detailed and well though-out suggestions we’ve received in a long while. The director of the library has taken a scanned copy of your diagram and is looking into making it work.

There are a couple of barriers to overcome on this, though. The Americans with Disabilities Act and fire codes dictate a certain clearance around the table inside the library, and this is difficult to accomplish with the monster sized tables we have there now. But smaller tables could make it work.

Also, there are not as many outlets along the inside wall as we would like (only 3, actually) – this limits the utility of tables along there.

Both these issues are surmountable. Ebling will undergo a redesign inĀ  the next couple years, which allows us to make this a better space. And since this is one of the better suggestions we’ve heard in a while, we are looking seriously at implementing it. The only other big suggestion on the table was beer taps at the service desk (that was my idea).