Library Food (sadly, not cakes shaped like books)

July 15, 2013


Please do not allow food/snacks at the library, especially the smelly and crunchy kind. At the very least, forbid them on the 3rd floor.


I suspect Ebling has one of the most permissive food and beverage policies on campus. If true, this is by design. A sizable portion of our customers are extremely busy, and come to Ebling as a break between classes, work shifts or clinical rounds. They have maybe 45 minutes to look some things up, check email and print something before dashing off to the next thing. So who are we to deny them an opportunity to bolt some food in the midst of their busy day? Not us. For we are too good.

That said, barring food from the silent floor of the library is not a bad idea – though making the rule stick would be challenging. I’ll try bringing it up at the next facilities meeting and see if we can do this.


Toilet Paper

July 10, 2013


The toilet in the men’s room has the transparency and texture of Saran Wrap. Further it breaks when pulled down from the roll. How about using some of the money spent using some of the money spent on trashy magazines for a toilet tissue upgrade?


We hate the stuff too. Sadly, the sub-grade paper in our bathroom is actually not purchased by us (because why would we do that), but is actually a buying decision made on a campus-wide level – which is why it’s a problem almost everywhere else on campus.  Even if we scraped together enough money by cancelling magazine subscriptions, we wouldn’t be permitted to buy our own toilet paper. Yes, this is an option we’ve explored.

I am passing on your complaint to the building administration. This may make a difference, as the toilet paper was even worse before, if you can imagine that. More like sandpaper than Saran Wrap.

Looking for a socket

July 5, 2013


Would you please add more electricity sockets on the second floor big study area. There are a lot of tables but no sockets around.


The current generation of laptops and other portable devices are amazing, in terms of graphics, processing power and memory. Battery life? Not so amazing. And sadly, the first set of facts are related to the second. So our glorious devices have turned us into a race of digital hobos, migrating from one wall socket to the next in hopes of keeping our stuff from completely crapping out.

Anyway, we have managed to add additional wall sockets to the study area, just not as many as we’d like. At out next services and facilities meeting, I’ll float the idea if adding some extension cords and power strips to maximize the utility of the few outlets we have.

As for more outlets, that will be more challenging. It would require some serious re-engineering in the floor or the walls to add them, and people who manage the building generally avoid doing this unless they’re in there are other reasons to be messing with the building. So it’s a wait and see: next time there’s major work to be done up there, I can swoop in and ask that outlets be added.