May 3, 2013


The emergency exit for stairs on the south side of this floor (3) should be accessible at all times, not just emergency only. I want to use the stairs!!!


A casual look at popular culture shows that stairs are big now – I use stairs more often to run up the numbers on my pedometer. They are also being used again in buildings, and sometimes not in buildings.  Stairs have also been featured more prominently on the current season of Mad Men:

5-2-2013 2-57-00 PM

Why this spike in interest? Your comment does not address it. Some ascribe it to an interest in health and fitness, but I think it may have more to do with a desire for “the real” – something elevators, and even escalators lack.

Anyway, the stairs (and elevator, for that matter) will likely remain in a state of near-lockdown for the foreseeable future. This is currently required so we can control access to our collection – forcing people who want our materials to go to the lower floor and hit the service desk. Future changes to the collection may allow us to revisit this, but for now, just think about all the extra calories you’re burning walking through our beautiful library. And using more, different, stairs.