Lockers, more than lockable boxes

April 9, 2013


It would be very nice and convenient if Ebling would offer lockers located right in the library. I come from a smaller university (Uw-Eau Claire) and we had this option. Of course the number available would be limited but for those like me who literally spend every day here, it makes it so much easier for studying purposes in that I don’t need to walk all the way to the SoP to get my heavy textbooks. Even having 20 lockers available outside the library doors next to the book drop would be convenient. I do hope this will be considered. Having been here for almost 2 years, I always see the usual students who spend their days here. I truly believe even 20 lockers would be enough.


We’ve gotten requests for lockers before. But your comment underlines what it means to have a locker. A locker is more than just a box with a lockable door. A locker is where person puts their belongings. Belongings. Belonging implies a sense of place – a home. Your comment underlines a basic desire to make Ebling a home. Home is where you put your stuff.

Sadly, this idea, this experience of domestic bliss is still a distance off. Like you, we feel that there is more to a locker than the basic five walls and lockable door. Good lockers, which are roomy and work with our existing space are more expensive than you think. We are continually looking for reasonably priced lockers that would work and make Ebling a new home.