Water Bottle Filler: The Next Level

November 19, 2012


A water-bottle filler on the 3rd floor too would be nice.

That filler is probably one of Ebling’s more popular features – not as widely appreciated as stuffed animals, but well ahead of potted plants.

Given the acclaim given to our current filler, our director has decided to move forward with getting another one installed on the third floor. I can’t give an accurate estimate as to when you will see it, but it should be soon.  Once it’s in, we will certainly advertise it – the Ebling staff love to crow about this sort of thing.


Our Green Friends

November 12, 2012


It would be awesome if there were more plants (live or fake, but preferably live) throughout the library on both floors. Love it here! Thanks Ebling!


Glad you like it here – the plants are one thing, I think, that helps give Ebling a better atmosphere. Sadly, we aren’t able to bring in additional botanic friends at the moment, because we are already a bit stretched caring for the ones we have. Despite being plants, they are pretty good at demanding attention.