Miscellaneous Vegetable Matter

February 7, 2012


Someone should regularly water the various plants, so that the leaves don’t dry out and fall on the floor (eventually killing the dried out plants).

There should also be a “free” basket for old magazines and newspapers.


Glad you are concerned for the welfare of our plant friends – they do quite a bit to make Ebling a more welcoming place. One of our librarians – Michael – is generally charged with making sure the plants are properly hydrated, and usually charges a student to do the actual watering. And I would like to note that we have not actually lost a plant since we moved in. If they are losing leaves, it’s likely due to the decrease in available sunlight during these past months. Rest assured, they’ll bounce back come Spring.

And thanks for the idea about the old magazines basket – I’ll bring it up at our next Services & Facilities meeting and see if we can do it without cluttering up our recreational reading area.