Public Phone

September 19, 2011


Please move the public phone to a room for privacy – it echoes and its very distracting for people trying to study. It has been a problem the last two times I have come to study. Someone has made a long phone call using a loud voice & I have had to listen to their whole life story.  Move the phone – it’s obnoxious & inappropriate for a library.


Agreed. We recently had a discussion about this, and are taking action. We don’t want to remove the phone completely, as it was intended to allow physicians to return pages – it’s being used for that less lately, but we wish to retain some sort of phone for those docs without cell phones (who apparently still exist).

For now, we have added signage indicating that the phone is intended for returning pages and short calls. If this fails to solve the issue, we will take further steps, up to removing the phone altogether.

Your suggestion to move the phone to another room is a very good one, and one I will pursue. One speed-bump is finding a spare room with a phone-jack, but I still like the idea enough to see if it is doable.


Public reboots

September 13, 2011


The public computers on the third floor reboot without notice at about 9:10 each day. This can be quite annoying. If it is necessary that they automatically reboot each day, please schedule it for when the library is closed. Many thanks!


Done. Or rather, it looks like those restarts aren’t happening anymore. They happened at 9:10 over the summer because other campus library hours were different, and Library Technology Group, which runs the computers, restarted them at all the same time.  It shouldn’t be an issue over the semester, and I will keep an eye on the machines during the breaks and check to see they are restarting at the proper times.