Pediatric Redbook

July 18, 2011


Your library is tops! But I was surprised that you do not have the most current edition of the most widely used pediatrics resource: The Pediatric Red Book of 2009 this is the volume that should be kept up to date.


It’s located here:

The current version we have is actually an e-book; if you can’t remember the complicated url (for which I don’t blame you), then you can also locate it by looking at our website under “Top E-Books”.


Light bulbs

July 11, 2011


Most of the desk lights at the 2-people desks upstairs are not working. I think it would be nice to check them out on a regular basis. Thank you!


Thank you for bringing this to our attention – I have checked some of the desk lamps upstairs and a few of them are not working. We have not given these too much attention since we moved in to this facility; with all the glass around, there is so much sun streaming in during the day that all artificial sources tend to wash out. Because that’s what we have here, lots and lots of glass…

Anyway, I will look into replacing those bulbs. On your end, double check to see if the lamps are plugged in. They’re supposed to be, but sometimes they get unhooked so people can plug in laptops.

Love it here

July 11, 2011


As a business PhD student, I’ve been using the library for almost 2 years, and am loving it!

I just wanted to say thank you for providing us an amazing study environment like this!



Thanks for the kind words – it’s nice to hear from people when we are doing something right for a change.

And don’t be afraid to spread the news about Ebling; we like it when people come here.