Table Etiquette

November 9, 2010


Library Etiquette: There is very little. Single students need to stop taking up entire large tables. It’s hard enough finding a table for 2+ people some days (many days). 1 student + huge table=rude. Maybe post a sign about it maybe?


I too have considered signage to address this problem, but recent experience with library thefts, and signage’s inability to address the problem, convinces me that such a measure would be useless at best. This is sad, as I love creating signs. It’s just that people don’t read them.

So if you need space at a table, there is no danger in asking for it. Our patrons are generally a hardworking but pleasant group (laptop thieves excepted).



November 5, 2010


To combat the theft problem, please consider providing lockers where valuables can be locked up for a short time if a patron leaves the library.


This is not a bad suggestion; I will be bringing it up at the next facilities meeting and see if it might be implemented. Though I always thought that if you are walking around with more luggage than you can easily carry, then you are defeating the point somehow.

In the meantime, you could always seek out a locker assignment elsewhere in the HSLC (we have some on the 1st and 2nd floor, outside the library).