September 27, 2010


Can we get National Geographic? This is a science library. We don’t need Rolling Stone.

May I also suggest the acquisition of Discover Magazine. This is a good science & medicine magazine that would be nice for study breaks.


We have just gone through another round of magazine reorders, and National Geographic made the list. Expect to see it in a month or so.

Discover Magazine is a great suggestion.  I’ll pass it on to the people who do the ordering.

Rolling Stone is probably here to stay – it’s one of our more popular items (and has some good reporting). We won’t be having People, however; it’s four times as expensive as any other magazine. I guess it costs a lot to pay all those paparazzi.


Stuffed Animals = Happiness

September 9, 2010


Thank you for putting more stuffed animals in the library!! I’m so happy!!


You’re welcome, and we are glad the animals are such a hit. And don’t be surprised to see a few more wander in.

Maps and Keyboard Legs

September 2, 2010


Put up a map of book locations.

On the third floor, there are 2 or 3 computers keyboards that are missing one foot each.


A stacks map would be useful, and we plan to make one once we have completed moving the books around on the third floor. Reclassifying and shifting our collection has been something we’ve been dealing with for a while, and will still take some time to complete. In the meantime, ask our staff if you have difficulty finding anything.

Thanks for the heads-up on the missing keyboard feet. There is apparently a brisk secondary market for these things so they are a target for thievery. Fortunately, I have a personal supply (don’t ask from where) and will replace them some morning when they keyboards are not being used.

Sharp Railings

September 2, 2010


The upper right corner of the stair railing just outside the Ebling 2nd floor entrance is very sharp, I have scraped myself a couple of times. It could use some smoothing similar to all the other stair railings in the area.


It wouldn’t be right to have a health hazard so close to a health sciences library. I’ve contacted maintenance and hopefully they will smooth that down. Thanks for alerting us!