Loud carts

May 28, 2010


Please try and get carts (for the books) that do not make such a racket!


I need to jump to the defense of our carts here; they are good, well behaved carts that are of no offense to anyone. I knew these carts when they were young.

The real culprit is the evil, evil carpet. The ridged pattern looks  good (OK, it doesn’t), but anything rolling over them makes a lot of noise. Believe me when I say everyone on staff protested against the carpet when we moved in, but the thing must have some sort of blackmail over someone because it is still here. We’ve attempted some quieting measures on the carts (larger wheels, rubber shocks, etc) but nothing makes much of an impact and it’s not the carts’ fault anyway. Until the carpet can be compelled to leave, it’s something all of us will have to endure.


Stuffed Animals

May 26, 2010


More stuffed animals! They make me feel better when I study…


Looks like we finally found something that everyone likes. We’ve already added 3 more creatures, and I am looking into having more added. Glad you like them!