April 26, 2010


The staff is fantastic, friendly and I enjoy coming here!


And we enjoy getting fan mail! Thanks for your comment. Tell all your friends!



April 12, 2010


The piano outside is annoying. If you can remove it, or reduce the sound, or restrict the time of playing, it will be appreciated.


We would appreciate it too. Sadly, we don’t have much say in noise that originates outside the library – which includes the piano. And you are not the first person that has complained, and we can hear it too. The piano was provided by a donor, and it’s probably impolitic to remove it.

That said, we will bring this up at the next HSLC building meeting and see if anything can be done (restricting play times or volume is a good idea). In the meantime, you might try moving into a more distant part of the library. It seems that the piano sound reaches everywhere, but in my experience it is marginally better against the far south wall of the library and inside the study rooms.