Study Hall Hours

December 16, 2009


Could we please have more times when the library is available to health sciences students only? We have exams all the time and there’s never room at the library! There are several undergrad libraries so undergrads have plenty of places to study at. Please let the health sciences library be for health sciences people.


I will pass on you request for additional study-hall hours to the Library Director and admin team. Currently we are reassessing our hours and may change times when study hall is available.

Though its frustrating to share space with non-health sciences students, the Ebling library depends on campus-wide resources to operate, and so remains accessible to campus as a whole. Moreover, part of our mission involves providing health information to the campus and Wisconsin residents, so we err on the side of being as open as possible.

If you need additional study space, check the further reaches of the third floor (especially back in the journal stacks) and the study rooms for more quiet space.