Weekend Hours

May 11, 2009


I wish the library opened earlier on the weekends. Opening by 8 would be great year round, but especially before finals. At a minimum, could “study hall” be extended to include weekend openings from about 8-10? Us early birds need somewhere to study!


Thank you for your suggestion. This will be passed on to our Administration Team.

In the meantime, feel free to study in other parts of the HSLC in the morning before the Ebling Library opens. Though it is not quite as nice as the library proper, there is lots of seating and you will have access to the HSLC wireless network.


Trash Cans

May 5, 2009


We need more (or larger) garbage and recycling bins in the library. Too much garbage overflowing, especially on weekends. Can we get recycling bins that are clearly marked, like those in the HSLC? Thanks!


Thank you for the suggestion. Our administration team is already discussing this issue with HSLC building operations, as your’s is not the first complaint we have received about this. New trash and recycling bins will be added during the summer – look for them near the Infocommons computers and next to the K-Z stacks on the third floor, among other places.