Laptop Checkout Notices

April 27, 2009


It would be nice to get a notification that a computer (laptop) was returned not just checked out.  That is the more important documentation side of things for students.


Thank you for requesting this enhancement.

Our Infocommons manager will bring this up at the next campus-wide meeting and see if this feature could be added. Doing so would be trivial, but would effect the laptop-checkout in every Infolab on campus, so it needs wider approval. One issue could be that we will be “spamming” our users with extra email, something we try to avoid. If they manage to reach a consensus on this, expect to see this show up in mid-May (when the meeting is).

In the meantime, if you have an issue with returning a laptop, don’t hesitate to contact our Infocommons manager, Adrian Gay (adriang at He can answer any laptop related concerns you may have.



April 9, 2009


Please get iTunes updated on computers. Every time I need to load lectures onto iPod I have to download/install a new version.


Our version of  iTunes was once up to date, but we had to revert to an older disk image due to a printing problem. When the printing issue is resolved we will be able to update iTunes on our computers.

However, old versions of iTunes will work fine for most purposes (including interfacing with iPods). When iTunes asks you to upgrade, you can hit cancel and use the old version. If you encounter a serious compatibility issue with your iPod, talk with Adrian Gay, our Infocommons supervisor.

Broken Sink

April 2, 2009


Please fix the faucet in the 2nd floor men’s room. It almost never will turn on.


That sink has been an issue since we moved in. We can usually coax it back into operation with a few firm slaps, so if you discover it is not responsive let the staff at our service desk know.

On a couple of occasions we have had to have someone come in and fix it. Ultimately, a full-scale replacement might be in order, but doing so is unlikely as long as we can repair it.