Weekend Reference Service

March 9, 2009


Lack of professional refrence service on the weekend. A time when I need such service.


Thank you for sharing your concern.

Staffing models are of ongoing interest; we regularly examine public services statistics. We agree that having reference service on the weekend is important and for that reason employ graduate assistants from UW-Madison’s School of Library and Information Studies. In this way we are building the professionals of the future while supplying a stronger reference presence than otherwise possible. Data show that the number of reference questions on weekends does not balance well against the absence of professional librarians on a week day, when their presence is required by a large number of questions, calls, database searches, faculty/clinical consultations, teaching duties, and campus obligations.

We hope you will leave your contact information so that we may help you with your information need. You can use our online “Ask a Librarian” form to request help from a reference librarian, or send an email to askebling@library.wisc.edu.