Duplex Printing

October 31, 2008


Double-sided printing capability (for others not in the medical school) would be helpful. It would save you paper and save space in my binder. Color would be nice too.


We have been getting more calls for double-sided printing lately. To the extent that it matters, our current public printers can print double-sided, but doing so takes so much time and trouble it is usually not worth it.

Duplex printing is a “must-have” option for future printer purchases, so expect to see it available in the future.

Color printing is available now on the InfoCommons machines. When you go print a color document, choose the printer named “Tektronix Phaser 780”. Then go up to the service desk with your copy card and say that you have a color item to print. Color printing costs 50 cents a page and takes about 5 minutes.


It’s Cold!

October 22, 2008


The quiet area in the first floor is cold. It is very difficult to study wearing jackets!


We get frequent comments about temperature during the spring and the fall. It takes our maintenance people some time to switch over our heating and cooling system. They actually do it on a building-by-building basis and we are in line behind more sensitive facilities on this campus. Maintenance will get to us before the weather gets too chilly.

In the meantime, one tactic I have seen work is moving to another part of the building; temperature seems to vary a lot between floors and areas of the library. Also, don’t hesitate to make use of our many blankets and afghans scattered about both floors. If you have difficulty finding one, we have some available at the service desk.

Dirty Computers

October 15, 2008

Any chance the computers get regular cleaning?  The monitors are often full of fingerprints, and the keyboards and mice (?) usually have some hefty crud on them…eeew!  Especially during cold and flu season!

I know there are a lot of computers, so for staff to do them all would be a bit overwhelming, but maybe leaving cleaning supplies out for us to use, the way the folks at the gym leave out stuff to clean off equipment, would suffice.


We do try to clean the computers and monitors on a monthly basis. But they are used a lot, so the dirt piles on fast. If you spot a really filthy computer, let us know; we have cleaning supplies and can clean it up for you.